We’ve now launched a new OpenFaaS SWAG and Insiders Subscription program, so that you can show your support and faas in style.

A message from Alex

Here’s a message from myself, Alex, the project lead and founder of OpenFaaS about our new SWAG store.

Did you know? OpenFaaS, inlets and OpenFaaS Cloud are all hosted by OpenFaaS Ltd, and given away for free including community-support. I also want to let you know about other ways you can show your support for our work in the community and stay up to date with your OpenFaaS deployments.

Order online

We have both OpenFaaS and inlets t-shirts available for self-service in small quantities made out of super-soft cotton.

If you would like to place a bulk order, feel free to email sales@openfaas.com for a discount on shipping. All bulk orders come with a shipment of free SWAG - stickers, magnets, and other goodies.

OpenFaaS and inlets t-shirts & hoodies

Inlets PRO available for purchase

You can also get your very own inlets-pro license, for personal use. Inlets is a Cloud Native Tunnel that integrates with Docker, Kubernetes, systemd and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

inlets is a free OSS project built by community, it’s a Cloud Native tunnel that works for L7 or HTTP/s traffic and can be configured however you like, with or without TLS. Inlets PRO adds in a range of features such as automatic TLS and a TCP proxy that works at L4 meaning you can tunnel anything you like - from SSH to databases to a Kubernetes IngressController.

Both inlets and inlets PRO make a great addition to OpenFaaS and mean that you can get a public IP address and TLS certificate for your local Kubernetes cluster.

Find out more on our new documentation site inlets documentation.

Homepage sponsorships

Your logo on openfaas.com 🏆


Become a sponsor of openfaas.com and connect your brand to one of the fastest-growing developer communities with over 20k GitHub stars and dozens of well-known end-users. Find out more in the support and sponsorship packages.

Email sales@openfaas.com to ask about how to sponsor by invoice through OpenFaaS Ltd.

Buy an OpenFaaS Insiders Subscription

Subscribe to the OpenFaaS Insiders program through GitHub Sponsors All subscribers gain exclusive access to regular update emails with the latest news, tutorials, industry news about OpenFaaS, Serverless, Kubernetes, and Docker.

If you’re using OpenFaaS in some way, a fan of our work, or even in production, you really should subscribe. It’s designed so that you can pay whatever you want, you decide the value, from less than the cost of a coffee.

Here’s a excerpt from my GitHub Sponsors page:


You’ll also get news on Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, Security and the range of OSS projects I contribute to and maintain.

Buy now through GitHub Sponsors - from 5USD

Write your use-case in the ADOPTERS.md file

One of the questions on our Slack community form is whether you use OpenFaaS at work, and out of 2400 people, well over 50% of them all said that they do, which means that we only have a fraction of that usage recorded, and less than 120 of those folks have an Insiders Subscription.

So, there’s one other way you can support our OSS projects and community, by sharing your use-case in the ADOPTERS.md file. It won’t cost you anything, and you could inspire someone to share their story too.

Simply send a Pull Request to ADOPTERS.md for OpenFaaS, or send us an email if that’s easier.

Join our community

Feel free to reach out if you need help with any cloud native problems you’re trying to solve, or if you could use an external perspective on what you’re building from OpenFaaS Ltd: alex@openfaas.com.

Alex Ellis

Founder of @openfaas.