Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes

The mission of OpenFaaS ® is to Make Serverless Functions Simple. It can be run on any cloud through the use of portable Docker containers without the fear of getting locked-in or having to manage complex infrastructure.

The project follows a UNIX-like design and has a composable architecture meaning that OpenFaaS can run on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and many other platforms using the same UI, CLI and ecosystem. We let the container orchestrator do the heavy lifting meaning you get a highly scalable, fault-tolerant and event-driven platform for your applications.

You can deploy your existing microservices to OpenFaaS or package any code or binary as a Serverless Function using the wide range of templates we have made available. So whether you want to use: Go, Java, Python, C#, Ruby - Express.js, Django, ASP.NET Core or even binaries like ffmpeg, ImageMagick or anything else we have you covered.

Testing out OpenFaaS only takes 60 seconds. From there you can deploy one of the many pre-built community functions from the function store, or build your own using the faas-cli. Learn everything you need to know with our tried-and-tested hands-on labs in the OpenFaaS workshop

See who's solving real problems with OpenFaaS, read the latest blogs. Got questions or want to get connected? Join us on Slack.

New! Are you looking for an easy way to manage functions for your team? Checkout OpenFaaS Cloud which provides a multi-user Serverless experience with built-in CI/CD and integration with GitHub/GitLab.


Welcome to OpenFaaS!

Hi, I’m Alex Ellis the founder of OpenFaaS ®. I started this project in Dec 2016 with a single commit and since then have built up a thriving global community with over 170 contributors.

A team of core contributors & GitHub members and a large end-user community are helping me shape the direction and future of the project. We are driven by these values: developers-first, operational simplicity and community-centric.

OpenFaaS ® is an independent open source project and not owned by any vendor. Our mission is to Make Serverless Functions Simple. If you want to contribute or find out more, then connect with us on Slack.

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