Plans & Pricing

Run functions in production, with support from our team.

Community Edition (CE)


Limited version for personal-use, hobbyists and experimentation.

  • Run functions for a PoC, non-production or experimental use only
  • 60-day limit on commercial use for all binaries and images
  • Source available under MIT license.
  • Functions

  • 15x functions
  • 1x namespace
  • Public repositories for functions only
  • Core features

  • Legacy UI portal (in code-freeze)
  • Basic autoscaling up to 5/5 replicas
  • Basic metrics & observability
  • Cron trigger
  • * Limited functionality, not intended for commercial use.

OpenFaaS Standard

$1000 / mo*

Battle-tested and built for production workloads.

  • Run functions for production and business use
  • Maintained by full-time engineers
  • OpenFaaS Commercial License (EULA)
  • Functions

  • 500x functions
  • 1x namespace
  • Private registries for functions
  • Autoscaling

  • Fine-tuned scaling for RPS, Capacity & CPU
  • Scale slow running and intensive functions
  • Scale to Zero for efficiency
  • Events/triggers

  • Retry failed messages
  • Kafka, Postgres, AWS SNS/SQS triggers
  • JetStream queue-worker
  • Core features

  • Run data pipelines & ETL jobs
  • New UI dashboard for easy management
  • Grafana Dashboards for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Manage functions with a Custom Resource (CRD)
  • Air-gapped / offline usage.
  • Istio/Linkerd compatibility
  • Self-service support with email
  • * Based upon an annual commitment for 1x Kubernetes cluster

OpenFaaS for Enterprises


Our highest level of service for enterprises and multi-tenant hosting.

  • Upgraded support, compliance & multi-tenancy features
  • For large-scale organisations and SaaS teams
  • Developer licenses included for local testing
  • Functions

  • 5000x functions per namespace
  • Unlimited namespaces
  • Enterprise Support (separate agreement)

  • Business day support with SLA
  • Direct to Engineering Support (Slack)
  • Annual architecture review
  • Security advisories to nominated email
  • Multi-tenancy

  • Multiple namespaces
  • Secure isolation of functions (gVisor, etc)
  • Function Builder API (REST)
  • Dedicated async queues (JetStream)
  • Identity and Access Management

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with OpenID Connect
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Web Identity Federation for CI/CD
  • Auditing via webhook
  • Launched June 2023

High-level comparison

CE Standard Enterprise

Licensing and intended usage

Intended use Personal use. 60-day limit on commercial use Commercial use with single product or team Enterprise use, functions hosting and multi-tenancy
License Community Edition EULA OpenFaaS Pro EULA OpenFaaS Pro EULA (MSA may also apply)
Air-gapped / offline support Not supported, Internet connection required at all times. Supported for commercial, defense, & military. Supported for commercial, defense, & military.
Private registries for functions Not supported, public, unauthenticated only. Supported. Supported.

User interface & templates

User interface Legacy UI (in code-freeze) OpenFaaS Dashboard with shared admin password OpenFaaS Dashboard with OpenID Connect
Community-supported templates Dozens in function store, or BYO Dozens in function store, or BYO Dozens in function store, or BYO
Commercially supported templates None Go, Python, Node, PHP, & Dockerfile Go, Python, Node, PHP & Dockerfile
Support can be added for other languages for licensed customers, free to reach out to us.


Email Direct to engineering Direct to engineering
Private Slack channel*
Customer Community Private GitHub Discussions Private GitHub Discussions
SLA for incidents* Within 1 business day
Weekly Office Hours call
* Support SLA and Private Slack channel require a separate agreement.


Maximum functions per namespace 15 500 5000
Maximum namespaces 1 1 Unlimited
Maximum replicas 5/5 Unlimited Unlimited
Auto-scaling One global RPS rule RPS, Capacity & CPU RPS, Capacity & CPU
Scale to zero
Concurrency limiting
Custom readiness probes for functions
GPU support


Grafana Dashboards None 3x 4x
Invocation metrics
OpenFaaS API metrics
Concurrency metrics
Queue-worker metrics
Function Builder metrics

Events & triggers

Cron Basic version Enhanced version Enhanced version
Asynchronous invocation Basic version Enhanced version Enhanced version
Apache Kafka SASL & TLS authentication supported Plus additional metrics

Async & Queuing

Maximum concurrency 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum named queues 1 1 Unlimited
Maximum payload 256KB Configurable Configurable
Webhook for finished work
Monitoring Queue-depth, ingestion & processing rate Queue-depth, ingestion & processing rate
HA clustering & replication
NATS version NATS Streaming (deprecated) NATS JetStream NATS JetStream

Security & isolation

Read-only filesystem & non-root
Istio & Linkerd mTLS compatibility
Scheduling/affinity rules
Kubernetes Service Accounts for Functions
IAM annotations for EKS and GKE

GitOps and Helm support

Helm support
ArgoCD & Flux support
Kubernetes CRD No Function Function, Profile, Policy & Role.


Single-Sign On With OpenID Connect
Role Based Access Control Custom policies for functions, secrets, logs and namespaces
Web Identity Federation for CI/CD Keyless deployments via CI/CD.

Platform features

REST API Functions, secrets & logs Functions, secrets & logs Functions, secrets, logs & namespaces
Function Builder REST API
Runtime isolation Secure isolation with i.e. gVisor
Auditing of REST API Via webhook.
Billing metrics for charge-back Via webhook.

View a more detailed comparison of OpenFaaS versions: Overview & comparison

Take a longer-term view

Run the battle-tested version of OpenFaaS in production, with support and regular updates.

Reduced time to market

With dozens of language templates, access to private NPM, maven, gradle, Nuget and Go code repositories from faas-cli, you'll be able to ship code in a short period of time with the languages you already use.

The reliability your customers need

OpenFaaS Standard with JetStream brings at least once semantics and a highly scalable queue with built in metrics showing the amount of work left to process. Failed requests can be retried, and additional named queues can be added as you grow.

Highly scalable

Kubernetes uses a generic autoscaler that was never built to scale functions. OpenFaaS Pro scaling can be fine-tuned to any workload. You can pick from Requests Per Second (RPS), CPU usage or Capacity (the amount of connections). Capacity mode scales slow running functions and ETL workloads which neither the Community Edition or Kubernetes can.

Just as important as scaling up, scaling down to zero keeps costs low whilst retaining the benefits.

Compliance matters

OpenFaaS Standard supports Istio and Linkerd for mutual TLS encryption between functions. OpenFaaS for Enterprises includes Single-Sign On, auditing and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Pro's integration with ArgoCD, FluxCD through Custom Resources Definitions (CRDs) means that you can audit deployments through git, and make SOC2 compliance easier to achieve.

Find problems before they find you

OpenFaaS Pro comes with Grafana dashboards showing you everything that could go wrong with a function, from errors due to timeouts, increasing latency, spikes in CPU and memory leaks. You'll be able to fix these issues before your customers even see them.

Collaborate and contribute

In the Customer Community, you'll get early access to new features and be able to leave feedback and suggestions for things that would make OpenFaaS better for your team. Rest assured that with OpenFaaS For Enterprises, you get an SLA and direct access to our engineering team via Slack.

Data Engineer

Fortune 500, Financial services

How satisfied have you been with the insights and outcomes that we've provided?
"Very satisfied. There hasn't been a time when talking through things with you hasn't helped our team. You have helped us with quite a few different things from architecture suggestions to debugging issues."
Anything else you'd like to let them know?
"OpenFaaS is a great platform and Alex's team is a great resource. They will work very diligently with your team to help you get the most out of OpenFaaS, and they will always be able to provide valuable insight into issues that a team might face while developing software for the cloud."

Shaked Askayo


How did you evaluate and decide on OpenFaaS?
“Exploring serverless orchestration on Kubernetes at Kubiya, we encountered powerful platforms like Knative, yet found them overly complex to manage. OpenFaaS struck the perfect balance. It combines dynamic elasticity, intuitive function packaging, a robust API and comprehensive metrics. With secure namespace isolation for managing multi-tenant environments, OpenFaaS has proven to be a perfect fit for our needs.”

Artyom Sivkov

Engineering Director,

As a long term customer, what would you say about OpenFaaS for Enterprises?
"At, OpenFaaS is our default choice when it comes to building robust, performant and scalable solutions for both SaaS and on-premises deployments. We especially value the constant evolution of OpenFaaS that brings more and more added value to our products and attention of OpenFaaS team to our requests and feedback."

Clyde Seepersad

SVP and GM Training & Certification, The Linux Foundation

"Alex and team were great partners [for the Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes course], providing high quality course materials on time, and following the launch, they were very supportive in getting the word out. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

Billy Forester

Checkpoint Software Limited

When you or your team has had a problem with OpenFaaS or your functions, how quickly have we responded to you?
"When reaching out on Slack my needs are met very quickly. In almost all cases I recieve a response the same business day even on UK holidays."
How satisfied have you been with the insights and outcomes that we've provided?
"Most of my questions have revolved around what is considered to be “best practice” inside of the OpenFaas ecosystem. I have always recieved detailed information as to why something should be done a certain way or what the alternatives are if any."
Is there a specific example you can share of how we helped?
"The biggest difference I noticed in the early days of adoption is how helpful the OpenFaaS team was when I was going through the onboarding process. I had a lot of questions about very specific needs. All of these questions were easily answered and examples were provided. If you are trying to solve a unique problem, Alex's perspective has always been valuable."

Unlock the benefits of OpenFaaS for production