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Proof of Concept Package

So you've decided to build out a project with OpenFaaS? Buy a fixed-price package from us and we'll provide our time, expertise and support to help you get everything you need from custom language templates to SSO.

Nobody knows the OpenFaaS project or community better than us, so get in touch and let us know your budget and goals.


Premium Subscription

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  • Commercial add-ons: SSO with OIDC / OAuth2
  • Free Architecture Review
  • Priority responses on GitHub Issues and PRs
  • Backlog review and prioritization every 3-6 months
  • Notification of security issues and CVEs


Community Insiders Program

Join the community subscription program via GitHub Sponsors

  • Receive exclusive weekly email updates on all changes to OpenFaaS
  • Stay ahead with Kubernetes, OSS and complementary Cloud Native projects
  • Free samples available
  • Written by OpenFaaS Founder Alex Ellis


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