Our Team

OpenFaaS is an independent open-source project hosted by OpenFaaS Ltd.

We have many contributors. Meet the community team below.

Project Lead

Alex Ellis

Founder of @openfaas, Director OpenFaaS Ltd.

Core Contributors

Richard Gee

Core Contributor @openfaas.

Stefan Prodan

Core Contributor @openfaas. DX Engineer @weaveworks.

Burton Rheutan

Core Contributor @openfaas. DevOps Lead @118 118 Money

Lucas Roesler

Core Contributor @openfaas and Senior Engineer and Team Lead @contiamo

Edward Wilde

Core Contributor @openfaas. Platform architect @f3fincloud

GitHub Members

Andrew Cornies

faas-nomad maintainer. Principal Engineer @tucows.

Martin Dekov

Junior Software Developer @vmware by day. Contributor at @openfaas by night.

Ken Fukuyama

Member. Community @openfaas.

Rishabh Gupta

Currently studying computer science and contributing to @openfaas.

John McCabe

Member. Community @openfaas.

Matias Pan

Member of @openfaas. Software Engineer at Globant.

Vivek Singh

Community @openfaas.