Our Team

OpenFaaS is an independent open-source project hosted by OpenFaaS Ltd.

There are many contributors. Meet the community team below.

Project Lead

Alex Ellis

Founder of @openfaas. CNCF Ambassador.

Core Team

Lucas Roesler

Core Team @openfaas, Senior Engineer and Team Lead @contiamo

Alistair Hey

Members Team @openfaas. Cloud Native and DevOps Consultant @Heyal Solutions Ltd.

GitHub Members

Vivek Singh

Members Team @openfaas

Kumar Utsav Anand

Contributor to @inlets and Members Team @openfaas.

Former Members (emeritus)

Martin Dekov

Member Of Technical Staff @VMware by day. Members Team @openfaas.

Stefan Prodan

Members Team @openfaas. DX Engineer @weaveworks.