Consulting Services

Confident and considerate consulting from OpenFaaS Ltd

Create a developer community

  • Do you have a new product in beta?
  • Would you like expert feedback?
  • Do you need to build credibility with a Cloud Native¬†audience?
  • Partner with us for your strategy.

Build your audience

  • Let us build compelling content about your projects & products
  • Expertly crafted technical samples, webinars, GitHub repos, collaborations
  • Get more leads, more mentions, more stars and more engagement, then and turn that into sales

Cloud Native Consulting

Are you considering a cloud migration? Would you like a review of your current architecture? Do you need advice about containers, Kubernetes, and CNCF projects?

We are ready to partner with your team on your Cloud Native journey. The value we bring is in an external perspective, where we ask you important questions and help you to feel reassured by the choices you make.

As a CNCF Ambassador, speaker, author and respected open source maintainer, our founder brings a wealth of experience, and key industry connections.