Meet the members of the OpenFaaS community at KubeCon North America, held in San Diego this November 2019. Hear talks on OpenFaaS from users and the Founder.

Whether you’re going to be at KubeCon, or fighting off a case of “Fear of Missing Out” (fomo), we’ve got some great resources for you to get connected and to feel part of the excitement.

You can find out how individuals can become Sponsors of the work of OpenFaaS, and how companies can associate their brand with the most popular Open Source Serverless project on the CNCF Landscape.

Catch a talk

It’d be great to see you attend one or more of our sessions over the course of the week, where you will have a chance to meet me in person and to hear what kind of problems companies are solving with OpenFaaS. I’ll of course have swag, whilst stocks last.

Day Event name and description Speaker
Sat. 16th Still waiting for IPv6? Get ingress to any Kubernetes cluster with inlets @ Cloud Native Rejekts Alex Ellis
Mon. 18th Getting Beyond FaaS: The PLONK Stack for Kubernetes Developers - Serverless Summit @ KubeCon Alex Ellis
Mon. 18th Painless Serverless Function Development In Kubernetes - Serverless Summit @ KubeCon Ramiro Berrelleza
Wed. 20th OpenFaaS Cloud + Linkerd: A Secure, Multi-Tenant Serverless Platform @ KubeCon 2019 Charles Pretzer & Alex Ellis

There’s also a talk from Ed Wilde, from an OpenFaaS end-user company (Form3): How we moved from JIRA to GitHub for fun and profit using Serverless @ Goto, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s great to see so many talks from the project being given over the course of a week.

Stefan Prodan, from the OpenFaaS community is also going to be giving two talks on Flux. The Flux project was built as Weaveworks’ take on continuous-deployment for Kubernetes, and has since become a CNCF Sandbox project.

Here are Stefan’s two sessions: Intro to Flux and then Flux Deep Dive.

If you don’t get into town early enough to catch my talk at Cloud Native Rejekts, you can find out more about the conference on the Google Kubernetes Podcast #79 with with Chris Kühl, the founder of the event. I’ll be speaking about inlets and the inlets-operator, a free HTTP/S and TCP tunnel for develops and ops.

Meet with me in person

Pictured: OpenFaaS community at a break-out session at KubeCon Barcelona’s Serverless Summit

If you’d like to meet with me person to find out how OpenFaaS Ltd could be of help, then please feel free to reach out:

Commercial services from OpenFaaS Ltd

You can also read about commercial & professional support packages which are designed to help you adopt Cloud Native with ease. There’s also some unique opportunities to sponsor for companies, associate your brand with one of the fastest-growing Open Source Kubernetes communities.

Are you looking for something different? Feel free to reach out to see if OpenFaaS Ltd can be of help.

Case-study with OpenFaaS Ltd professional services

This case-study is about OpenFaaS Cloud (“Multi-user PaaS for Kubernetes managed through git”)

DX is both an OpenFaaS Ltd client and a Platinum homepage sponsor. They are one of the leading companies for point of sale (POS) solutions for Cinemas and venues all across Norway. Here are a few words from DX co-founder, Christian Sakshaug and the experience so far:

With help from OpenFaaS Ltd, we have been able to move forward faster with the transformation of our platform adopting both AWS and Kubernetes with EKS. It has been a brilliant experience, how we can both “lift and shift” legacy code and incrementally migrate our microservices too using the “strangler pattern”. The ease of use and focus on developer-community has meant we can be part of the development process of OpenFaaS Cloud.

By adopting OpenFaaS Cloud we have been able to begin migrating both our legacy PHP applications with our existing Dockerfiles, and our newer .NET 3.0 microservices which we deployed to AWS EKS. We also funded the development of AWS ECR support for OpenFaaS Cloud and are proud to be able to give back to the community wherever possible, such as through our Platinum homepage sponsorship.

If you’d like to know more, you’ll find Christian on Slack or you can find me next week.

Couldn’t make it to San Diego? How about Amsterdam?

If you couldn’t make KubeCon this year, it’s understandable, especially for those who are travelling from Europe or who have used up their budget already. How about Amsterdam in March 30 – April 2, 2020?

We’re looking for end-users who are using OpenFaaS or OpenFaaS Cloud in some way who would like to talk about it. I’d personally be happy to help you prepare a talk abstract and potentially be a co-speaker with you at the event also.

If you’re interested, then please Email me as soon as possible as the deadline is fast approaching - CFP Close: Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

Checkout the Call for Papers here

Get involved

Whether you’re attending KubeCon, or expecting some “fomo”, there’s no need to miss out, you can join the OpenFaaS Slack Community and get involved right away.

The OpenFaaS community values are: developers-first, operational simplicity, and community-centric.

Try deploying your own free endpoints on the free Community Cluster:

If contributing code, docs, and community support isn’t something you have time for, you can still make a difference as an individual. Help me reach 200 GitHub Sponsors by 1st Jan 2020 - funds from GitHub Sponsors contribute towards my time spent maintaining and building features, and giving technical support to the community.

Checkout our latest tutorials and labs:

You can follow me @alexellisuk and @openfaas on Twitter

Alex Ellis

Founder of @openfaas.