I’ll outline a few places where you can find us if you’d like to catch a session, grab a coffee, swag or just chat about Kubernetes and Serverless.

1. Monday 20th May - Serverless Practioners Summit

The Serverless Practioners Summit is a co-located event hosted by the CNCF at KubeCon. The event will take place on Monday which is the day before the main KubeCon event kicks-off. If you planned your travel accordingly, it would be great to see you there. I’m co-organizing the event with folks from Google and IBM who will be representing Google’s new Knative project.

In the morning we’ll have talks and updates from the OpenFaaS and Knative projects followed by an update from the CNCF’s Serverless Working Group. In the afternoon there will be additional talks, as well as open discussion sessions called Birds of a Feather or (BoF). The Google team will be running an afternoon of sponsored content on Knative.

In the opening talk Alex will share highlights and lessons learned from the past 12 months of community development. During that time we’ve seen over 17k GitHub stars, 40 companies sign-up to the end-user community and over 200 contributors have PRs successfully merged.

Before lunch Ed Wilde of Form3 will show us how innovation can come from mixing existing technologies to create a new one. Over the holidays Ed and I had a pub lunch where we came up with a crazy idea of building an OpenFaaS provider that would deploy functions directly to AWS Lambda without any modifications. Ed began work on the idea several months ago, and at his talk he will open-source the code and show us how faas-lambda works.

Join Alex, contributors and other end-users for an open session where you can ask questions, see demos and find out more about the project’s roadmap and future.

2. Wednesday 22th May

Joost Noppen from BT will join OpenFaaS founder Alex Ellis to talk about how his team were able to accelerate the delivery of AI to end-users. Joost will share some of the problems his team works on and how functions on Kubernetes with OpenFaaS were able to speed-up their delivery from 3 years to just 3 months. Alex will also share some of the recent innovation in the project and updates on what to expect in 2019.

Lucas Roesler from Contiamo will share his experiences of working at scale on an Open Source project. He’ll give you tips and tricks for getting your PRs merged quickly upstream. All skill levels are welcome.

3. Thursday 23rd May

Simon Pelczer from LivePerson will present on how he and his team were able to cope with increasingly bespoke feature requests from customers. They allowed customers to extend their workloads by writing their own functionality through OpenFaaS functions. Ivana Yovcheva, a contributor from VMware will join Simon to give an overview of OpenFaaS

4. Hallway track / face-to-face

If you’d like to catch any of us in the hallway track for a chat, then the best way to reach out is in the #kubecon-eu-2019 channel on OpenFaaS Slack, or via Twitter.

We’ll be organizing a face-to-face at a local cafe or bar, so if you want to be part of that please register your interest in the Slack channel and follow @openfaas on Twitter for updates.

Wrapping up

Are you using OpenFaaS in production? Join the end-user community or sponsor the project to give back and show your appreciation.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions or would like to join the community, then please join us on the weekly Office Hours call.

You can follow me @alexellisuk and @openfaas on Twitter

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