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  • 5 tips and tricks for the OpenFaaS CLI

    Cli Kubernetes Swarm

    In this post I’ll share 5 top tips for boosting productivity with the OpenFaaS CLI. The CLI is used by developers to interact with OpenFaaS from the terminal is the most popular part of the project for new contributors to cut their teeth on. Since 2017 the contributors been incrementally fine-tuning the developer-experience through user-feedback, new features and productivity-boosters.

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  • Multi-stage Serverless on Kubernetes with OpenFaaS and GKE

    Auto-scaling Kubernetes Gke

    This is a guide on how to set up OpenFaaS on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with a cost-effective, auto-scaling, multi-stage deployment.

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  • Serverless Security: read-only functions with OpenFaaS

    Security Kubernetes Swarm

    In this post I’ll highlight one of the ways we’re making OpenFaaS a more secure environment for your production functions and workloads.

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  • Scale to Zero and Back Again with OpenFaaS

    Auto-scaling Kubernetes Swarm

    In this post I’ll explain how you can now save resources by having OpenFaaS automatically scale functions to zero replicas and back to their minimum replica-level again whenever they are needed. This feature has two parts and in the community we’re calling it zero-scale.

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  • Introducing the OpenFaaS Operator for Serverless on Kubernetes


    This blog post introduces OpenFaaS Operator which is a CRD and Controller for OpenFaaS on Kubernetes. We started working on this in the community in October last year to enable a tighter integration with Kubernetes. The most visible way you’ll see this is by being able to type in kubectl get functions.

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